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Have you ever been enjoying a nice warm shower when all of a sudden, the water turns shockingly cold? Even worse, someone flushes a toilet and the shower becomes unbearably hot? Eliminate these major and potentially harmful temperature fluctuations by installing a high-quality and functional shower valve.

Modern bathroomAs your trusted bathroom plumbers, Pride Plumbing of Rochester proudly offers an array of anti-scald shower valves including:

  • Thermostatic mixing valves
  • Pressure-balance valves

We can explain the pros and cons of each of your options to make choosing a valve as easy as possible. When you’ve selected the shower valve that is right for your needs and budget, we will schedule an installation quickly and ensure a job done right.

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Importance of Anti-Scald Shower Valves

Every year, thousands of people suffer injury as a result of surprising water temperature fluctuation. A common source of injury is slipping and falling in the shower as a reaction to the sudden increase or decrease in water temperature. An anti-scald valve will prevent burn injuries.

This is a particular risk to:

  • Young children
  • Older Adults
  • People with disabilities

These groups may be at a higher risk due to tender skin and slower reaction time.

Legionnaires’ Disease

An anti-scald valve is a helpful tool to store the water at a temperature to avoid bacteria growth while also delivering shower water to the user at an appropriate temperature. Legionella bacteria are responsible for Legionnaires’ Disease and Pontiac Fever and thrive in temperatures between 95-115°F. It is common to maintain the hot water tank temperature at 140°F because the legionella bacteria cannot live in a temperature above 131°F.

Why Shower Temperatures Fluctuate

To achieve your ideal shower temperature, you are using a combination of hot and cold water. Since toilets only use cold water, flushing the toilet can cause the cold water to temporarily siphon from the shower to allow the toilet bowl to refill. The shower then gets extremely hot since there is less cold water available to mix with the hot water to create your perfect temperature. On the other hand, the water may become shockingly cold if someone is using hot water, such as from the dishwasher or washing machine, since hot water is being taken away from the shower to be used for other household appliances.

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Thermostatic Mixing Valves

A thermostatic mixing valve senses the actual temperature of the water coming into the shower. It mixes hot water with cold water to provide a safe, accurate, and constant flow of temperature-controlled water. Regardless of how the supply temperatures or pressures vary over the time of use, the temperature will remain nearly exactly the same as desired. If cold water is reduced due to a toilet flushing, for example, the valve will automatically adjust the amount of hot and cold water to keep the temperature consistent and safe.

Do You Need a Pressure-Balance Valve?

A pressure-balance valve uses just one handle to control the volume and temperature by sensing and adjusting the ratio of hot and cold water. When someone in your home flushes the toilet, the valve reacts to the change in water pressure and will reduce or cut off the hot water supply, maintaining the balance between hot- and cold-water flow. The temperature may only fluctuate a couple of degrees, likely unnoticeable by the user.

To learn more about your shower valve options, contact Pride Plumbing of Rochester at (585) 332-4550.

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