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Battery Powered Backup Sump Pumps

Battery Powered Backup Sump Pumps in Rochester

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Given the ever-changing weather typical to our region, it makes sense to add a backup sump pump system to ensure your basement doesn’t flood in the event of power outages. Think it won’t happen in your neighborhood? Think again. Spring of 2017 saw Pride Plumbing of Rochester flooded with calls from Brighton, Webster, Penfield, Fairport, and many other Monroe and Ontario county neighborhoods that were under water and out of power, and not just for a few hours. In some cases, homes were off the power grid for days! Many of those calls could have been avoided by a high-quality, well-installed backup sump pump like the American made Liberty Model 441 system.

Things to Consider

Choosing a battery-operated backup system is a great way to protect your home in the event of failure to your main sump pump. It operates on a strong, long-life battery that kicks on when your power goes out and ensures that water continues to get pumped out of your basement, avoiding costly flood damage.

Battery powered backup systems are popular because they are versatile. Most any home in Monroe and Ontario county can use them. They pump out impressive volumes of water and are available in varying horsepower to meet your individual needs. There are also battery-type options available to provide you with adequate run time in the event of power loss.

At Pride Plumbing of Rochester, we recommend the following models and series of battery-powered back-up sump pumps:

Model 441

This model is an emergency sump pump system that’s powered by a 12-volt battery. Should your power fail, this model will automatically turn on and begin to work.

The model includes:

  • A high output submersible pump
  • An automatic, mercury-free switch
  • A control panel
  • A battery box (note that the battery is not included)
  • A 12-volt charger
  • A tee, check valve, and bushings for 1.25 or 1.5-inch connections

One of the other great features of this model is the fact that it comes with an audible in-use alarm system and light. It also self-resets after 24 hours of silence.

To learn more, consult the brochure here.

Liberty Pumps 442-Series Battery Back-Up Pumps

In the event you’re away from home or there’s a power outage, you need to ensure that your home is protected from inclement weather. The 442-series battery back-up pump, also known as the StormCell®, is a highly advanced 12-volt back-up pump system. One of the best features of this series is the ability to add NightEye® wireless technology that can send you real-time notifications via an app on your smartphone.

Through this alarm system, you will be notified when:

  • The back-up pump is activated
  • There’s a high water level in your basement or crawl space
  • Your AC has lost power
  • Your unit is no longer connected to wi-fi
  • There’s a blown fuse or DC pump failure
  • The 12-volt battery needs to be charged
  • The basement temperature is above or below the set temperature warning level

Now, you’ll never have to worry about leaving your home unattended again!

Liberty Pumps PC 442-Series

If you’re looking for an all-in-one, drop-in-the-pit ready system, we highly recommend the PC 442 sump pump combo series. This includes a pre-assembled primary pump and battery back-up system. The models are also compatible with the NightEye® wireless technology.

Quick & Easy Sump Installation in Rochester

Installation of a battery powered backup system is generally quick and easy, using the same drainage pathway as your main pump. Pride Plumbing of Rochester’s expert technicians are licensed, friendly, trustworthy and have hundreds of 5-star reviews from customers all over the Rochester area!

If you are interested in a battery powered back-up sump pump system, call your neighborhood plumber, Pride Plumbing of Rochester at (585) 332-4550 or click here to schedule an appointment online.

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