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We use our toilets every day, so it’s easy to take them for granted when they’re working properly. Yet, the minute there’s a clog or a leak, our normal routines are suddenly disturbed. Fortunately, the Pittsford toilet repair and installation specialists at Pride Plumbing of Rochester can help. We are licensed, bonded, and insured and each member of our team must pass a thorough drug test and background check. We have over a decade of experience and are well versed in all makes and models of toilets such as Kohler, Mansfield, American Standard, and Toto. Should you need a new one or wish to upgrade to a more advanced model, we partner with many American made brands that manufacture industry-leading products. To keep things affordable, we offer numerous special offers.

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Fixing Common Toilet Problems

One of the most common issues we are called to repair is a clogged toilet. It’s why many of us have plungers handy to clear the blockage. However, sometimes the clog is too stubborn and you need to call in the professionals. To help prevent future blockages, our Pittsford toilet specialists recommend that you never flush large amounts of toilet paper at once and that you only flush toilet paper and human waste.

Another common issue is a running toilet. Whenever you flush, the bowl refills with water and stops once it reaches a set capacity. A toilet that continues to run, even after you jiggle the flush lever, wastes hundreds of gallons of water, which is why it is important to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Common causes of running toilets include:

  • A corroded overflow pipe
  • A worn-out flush valve assembly
  • A broken flapper valve

Essentially all of the issues listed above can result in an internal leak in your toilet. Fortunately, most leaks don’t require us to perform an extensive repair. Because the tank is composed of multiple components, we can go in and repair or replace the faulty part.

Because leaks can lead to extensive water damage, it’s important that you call us as soon as you notice any signs of one.

We Have An Excellent Selection of Toilets

Before our Pittsford toilet specialists perform any repairs, we will first conduct an inspection to determine whether it can be fixed or whether a replacement would be more cost-efficient. Before we begin any work, we will always provide you with options and an upfront, guaranteed price.

Should you need a replacement, we offer a wide variety of state-of-the-art models that come in all styles and colors. Should you wish to upgrade to a toilet with dual flush functions or advanced features, we can help you select one that best meets your needs and budget.

At Pride Plumbing of Rochester, we recommend a replacement when:

  • Your toilet is old and you have to frequently replace parts—these parts add up quickly and you could eventually spend more than a new toilet costs
  • Your toilet’s porcelain has a hairline fracture
  • Your toilet can no longer push water through to fully clear the drain and constantly clogs
  • You have an undetected leak or faulty part that’s caused a significant increase to your water bill
  • You cannot clean the stains that appear on your toilet’s porcelain

To schedule an appointment for repair, replacement, or installation, give us a call at (585) 332-4550 or contact us online.

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    I was extremely impressed with the technician, Sam S., who showed up on time to address what I believed was a plumbing issue. His honesty was really a very rare treat these days.”

    - Nicole B.
  • He was polite, professional and explained the process step by step.

    Sam V. came to our home twice to repair an extensive plumbing problem. He was polite, professional and explained the process step by step. I highly recommend Pride Plumbing.

    - Theresa S.
  • Great service at a reasonable price.

    Great service at a reasonable price. Josh T was great, he was prompt and professional. After he assessed what I knew was a cracked disposal. He gave me many options so I could pick from different price points.

    - Evie M.
  • Sam and Brandin were courteous, hard working, wore masks, and got the job done right!

    We are about to get our gutters re-done, and wanted to be able to route the downspouts into the existing storm drains, which were all clogged. Sam explained things patiently and in great detail to me.”

    - Nick R.
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    “After contacting Pride Plumbing for an estimate on a kitchen sink and garbage disposal insulation I was scheduled right away for a date and time that worked best for me.”

    - John Y.

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