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Warehouse Operations Coordinator
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Meet Manny! Our Warehouse Operations Coordinator specializes in the "behind the scenes" work at the warehouse of Pride Plumbing of Rochester, along with some major concrete work. He is also TracPipe certified. His favorite animal is his pet cat, Mimi, and there’s a special story behind why that is! Manny rescued this cat outside of a bank right before the harsh Rochester winter started, and this cat has loved him ever since! Even Mascot Charlie is a fan of Mimi! If Manny could pack his bags and hit the road, he would leave the Rochester winter and head straight to his favorite vacation spot in Panama City Beach, Florida! One of the many reasons why Manny loves living in Rochester is because he is close to his family. If Manny is not working, you can spot him doing his favorite hobby...spending time with his kids! He enjoys dining at his favorite local restaurant, Jeremiah’s Tavern! Most people do not know this but Manny is actually great at cooking, drawing and singing! His favorite accomplishment is being a great father to his kids. His quick plumbing advice would be, “A good flush beats a full house every time!” In November of 2020, Manny will have been working with the Pride Plumbing of Rochester family for three years! Our Warehouse Operations Coordinator has been an amazing asset to our Pride Plumbing family; he is always up to take on any challenge that may come his way whether that is in the warehouse or out in the field.