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Smart Plumbing

We’re Sharing How Smart Plumbing Solutions Can Benefit Your Home

Smart plumbing offers some surprising benefits for your home. It can drastically reduce waste, lower the cost of your home’s water bill, make your bathroom, kitchen, and living spaces more trendy, and increase the overall property value of your space.

Our skilled plumbers at Pride Plumbing of Rochester can install a variety of smart plumbing utilities for your home. Even if we don’t carry the specific brand or model you want, we can order whatever you like, and quickly install it for you! There are many smart plumbing products available, and below, we are breaking them into categories.

Leak detection systems:

Why should I get a leak detection system?

  • Leak detection systems are the best way to prevent water damage within your home. They are water monitoring systems that will tell you in real time if you have a leak—instantly alerting you to microleaks, frost, and unusual water flow before it turns into burst pipes or pooling water in your basement.
  • Out of all the smart products you can purchase for your home, they are generally the most affordable and portable.
  • We all know it is essential to have a smoke detector in our homes. However, it is much more common to have water damage than fire damage. This is why it is extremely smart to have a water leak detector installed.

What are leak detection systems used for?

  • They are helpful for water heaters, pipes, underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks, behind toilets, in basements, and for your washing machine.

How do they work?

  • Leak detection systems connect to a mobile app through a smart home hub, which is a hardware or software that connects devices on a home automation network, and controls communications among them. Leak detection systems can even connect to your WiFi! Through these platforms, they can alert you at any time if there is a leak that is detected.

What do you recommend?

  • We recommend either the StreamLabs Control or Flo by Moen, as both of these are whole-house water monitoring systems. If they detect a leak, they will alert you immediately and you have access from your smartphone to press a button and shut off the water for your entire house.

Smart faucets:

What kinds of smart faucets are there?

  • There are a variety of options available for you:
    • Delta Touch20 Technology
      • These faucets allow you to tap your faucet anywhere on the spout or handle with your wrist or forearm in case your hands are full or your fingers are messy with food on them!
      • To let you know the water's temperature, there is an LED light that changes color to eliminate any surprises in temperature.
      • If your faucet is accidentally activated and there is no activity for 4 minutes, it will shut off on its own.

A modern Delta faucet on a white background

  • Delta VoiceIQ Technology
    • To have this model, you must have an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device.
    • The faucet pairs with your connected home device which enables you to say commands to get exactly what you want from your sink.
    • Are you wondering what commands you can use with your faucet?
      • You can turn your faucet on and off and tell it to measure any amount of water in ounces, cups, pints, quarts, gallons, liters, and milliliters. It also understands fractions, such as ¼ cup. You can also come up with custom container commands, such as “fill the dog bowl.”
    • You can also turn this faucet on and off by tapping the handle or manually using the handles.
  • Delta Pot Filler Faucet
    • This is a faucet that is installed right above your stove. They are for filling pots or your tea kettle, and are very practical. They are designed to bring you convenience, giving you easier access and eliminates the hassle of filling up your pot and rummaging it over to the stove.
    • Pot fillers also add value to your kitchen, which makes them a great addition for resale.

What are the benefits of smart faucets?

  • They save water, energy, and they help prevent the spread of germs, dirt, and messes.

Smart showers:

What is a smart shower?

  • A smart shower can be connected to your smartphone to perform a variety of tasks. Some of which include pre-setting the shower temperature, taking phone calls, playing music, and more! Different types of smart showers have different functions that can be utilized.

Why should I get a smart shower?

  • Smart showers are a luxurious addition to your bathroom.
    • They can keep you connected with others and what is going on in the world while you take your morning or nightly shower.
    • With some smart showers, you can pre-set them to a temperature and program in multiple temperatures.
    • Certain smart showers pair with the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, so you can tell your smart speaker to start the shower for you.
    • There are smart showers that have water-saving capabilities, so it could save you energy and money in the long run.
    • They add resale value to your home.

What is the most popular smart shower?

  • The Moen U Shower Smart Home Connected Bathroom Controller seems to be the most popular out of all the smart showers.

Why is it the most popular shower?

  • This smart shower comes with all the gadgets and controls anyone could ever want or need for their shower.
  • It has:
    • Three different methods of controlling it: Voice activation, your smartphone app, and the controller within your shower.
    • Personalize your showers! You can have a “morning shower” programmed in, a “post-workout shower,” and a “night shower.” Your smart shower will remember every temperature you set.
    • Your shower will tell you when it is at the temperature you want.
    • You can warm up your shower and then pause it until you're ready—helping you conserve water.
    • You can set an optional timer.

Smart toilets:

What kinds of features do smart toilets have?

  • There are a variety of features. Not all smart toilets have the same features, but can include:
    • Heated seats
    • Massaging bidet wash
    • Self-cleaning capabilities and self-deodorizer
    • Foot warmer
    • Automatic flushing
    • Remote control
    • Voice activation
    • Nightlight
    • Automatic lid sensor and slow closing lid
    • Speakers and bluetooth capabilities

Are smart toilets eco-friendly?

  • Yes. Smart toilets are designed to protect the environment and save water by using less water per flush. With some smart toilets, you can do a partial flush, which does not use as much water, or if you need to, you can still do a full flush.
  • Water usage is the main eco-friendly concern, which is centered around gallons per flush (GPF) rating and power usage. Some smart toilets use as little as .06 GPF while regular toilets tend to use 1.6 GPF.
  • Along with being eco-friendly, some smart toilets can improve hygiene for the entire family by never needing to touch a lid, seat, or flush handle.

Do I have to buy a completely new toilet to get a smart toilet?

  • No, you do not! There are options where you can just buy a smart toilet seat to attach it to the toilet you already have in your home.

Pump monitoring:

What is pump monitoring?

  • Pump monitoring means having a backup sump pump in place in case your primary pump can’t function, overflows, or if the power goes out. A backup sump pump could save you from having a flooded basement and property damage.

What do you recommend?

  • For smart plumbing, we carry and install NightEye by Liberty Pumps. When this device is installed, it comes with a free app to download. With the app, you can get alarms and notifications if your backup sump pump is activated, no matter where you are in the world. It will also let you know if you have a low basement temperature.

Liberty Pumps NightEye system on a white background

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