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Silver lever faucets installed in a white shower

Plumbing Alternatives for Older Adults

People get older, it’s the way of life! Some tasks that may be simple to others may become more difficult as you age. Never fear though, because Pride Plumbing of Rochester¬†is here to help!

Options for Bathroom & Shower Modification

There are a few modifications we can provide to make going to the bathroom, showering, and washing your hands easier for you.

Upgrades for your bathroom can include:

  • Grab bars and rails: Installing grab bars and rails are a very helpful, easy, and cost-effective way to make your bathroom more accessible. They can be installed vertically and horizontally to make sure we are giving you all of the assistance you or your family member needs.

A silver grab bar installed vertically in a shower with blue tile

A silver grab bar installed horizontally in a shower with blue tile

  • Extended or raised toilet seats: If it is challenging to get on and off of the toilet, our team at Pride Plumbing of Rochester understands how frustrating it can be. That is why we give you the option to have an assister installed for your toilet.

A white toilet with an open lid

A white toilet with an open lid with assist upgrades installed

  • Lever faucets: Having turn faucets can put extra strain and pressure on our hands, wrists, and joints that we don’t need. Switching to lever faucets eliminates that twisting motion, helping to save your joints—and is especially helpful for individuals with arthritis. There are many lever faucet styles to choose from, even foot operated faucets. Whatever your preference is, we can install it!

Silver turn faucets installed in a white shower

Silver lever faucets installed in a white shower

  • A sprayer attachment for your shower head: A showerhead that you can detach and hold can make showering much easier. This way, if you prefer to sit or lay down while showering, you can use the shower head as you please. It eliminates the need to stand and promotes easier access to your shower.

A silver removable shower head installed in a shower with a clear wraparound shower curtain

A silver removable shower head with a shower sprayer attachment installed

Are There Other Modifications You Can Make?

In short, yes! We can replace your old, leaking, or hard to turn washing machine hot and cold water shut off valves. What Pride Plumbing of Rochester does is install “quarter turn” style valves, which makes it very easy to operate and you only need to turn the handle 45 degrees—or a “quarter turn.” These types of valves are particularly helpful for individuals who suffer from joint pain, arthritis, or seniors who are living independently.

A clothes washer with standard shut off valves surrounded by household cleaning supplies

A clothes washer with quarter turn shut off valves

Barbara & Thomas from Fairport stated: “We had our shut off valves, washing machine hoses and dripping faucets all taken care of. Ken and Eddie were amazing. Quality work and service (so friendly!). We purchased one of their service plans because Pride Plumbing is it for us! Thank you for helping make our home “senior ready.”

If you would like any of these installations made in your home, do not hesitate to call your neighborhood plumber, Pride Plumbing of Rochester, at (585) 271-7150 or schedule an appointment online.