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A modern rain showerhead

Transforming Your Shower

Do you have an older shower faucet that needs to be replaced? Do you want to go from having 2 or 3 shower handles to 1? No problem!

Won’t this damage my walls?

  • No, it will not! Even with this tricky job, the highly experienced, licensed plumbers at Pride Plumbing of Rochester can surgically cut out the ceramic tile around the old valve and install a new and modern single-handle scald guard tub and shower valve.

What is an access panel and do I need one?

Two photos side-by-side showing the before and after of adding an access panel cover

  • An access panel is a door, panel or piece of plywood that can be easily removed to access a shut off valve for plumbing repairs. Access panels provide an easily accessible ways for inspecting plumbing piping and fixtures. Repairs and maintenance can easily be done, but without an access panel, walls may need to be opened up which can be very costly!

How will I know if it’s time to upgrade my shower controls?Two photos side-by-side showing the before and after of updating shower controls in a blue bathroom

  • Mineral buildup: If you have hard water, it will leave behind residue that can negatively affect your fixtures. If it builds up enough, it can impact your water flow, causing low water pressure. Rather than having a relaxing shower, it may turn into feeling like a chore.
  • Aesthetics: If your bathtub and shower faucet handles are outdated, simply replacing them could give your bathroom a major face lift. If you want a shower replacement, we can help you!
  • Water temperature: If you use other fixtures such as a toilet, washing machine or dishwasher when showering and it causes your shower to be scalding hot or freezing cold, that is a huge sign you need your tub and shower valve replaced!
  • Leaks: If your bathtub and shower valve is leaking, it’s a sign to get a plumbing upgrade.
  • Loose faucets and fixtures: If your shower handles are loose, they should be repaired or replaced. The handles will progressively wear down the valve system. A loose fixture can interfere with the ability to turn appliances on and off. They can also cause water lines to rupture which would then cause a leak.

Do I need a professional to replace my tub and shower handles?

Kathleen from Rochester stated: “David installed shut off valves in my two bathrooms. He was professional, courteous and thoroughly explained everything. I have had other plumbing services perform work at my home but never on par with the services performed today. I am happy I made the switch to Pride Plumbing! Thank you.”

If it’s time to get your bathtub and shower handles repaired or replaced, call Pride Plumbing of Rochester or schedule an appointment online.

Two photos side-by-side showing the before and after of updating shower controls in an orange bathroom