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Toilet Flanges

What is a toilet flange?

  • A toilet flange, also known as a closet flange or floor flange, is a pipe fitting that mounts a toilet to the floor and also connects the toilet drain to a drain pipe. Typically, the toilet flange is mounted on top of the floor with the hub fused around the drain pipe. A wax ring is used to seal the gap between the flange and the bottom of the toilet. The toilet is bolted to the flange, not to the floor. They are usually made from PVC, rubber, or metal. Toilet flanges are circular in shape and generally secured in place with a few bolts.

A drawn toilet diagram pointing out the different parts of the toilet

Why is a toilet flange important?

  • Well, if the flange breaks, is loose, or is deteriorating, it can render the toilet unstable. If the toilet rocks because the flange is no longer holding it securely, the wax seal can break, water can begin to seep out and then problems can quickly multiply. It can leak and erode the surrounding flooring which would cause significant damage over time.
  • We say, “If your toilet is rocking and you feel like you're at the nightclub when you're going to the bathroom, it's probably a broken toilet flange.”

Mary from Fairport stated, “Keith came to check on my leaking toilet. He explained the problem and gave me two options. Ultimately I had him install a new toilet after he gave me pricing. He was very nice, professional and explained everything I asked. I would highly recommend him to my friends for their plumbing needs.”

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Can I replace the toilet flange myself?

  • There are ways to replace the toilet flange at home, but it is a difficult process that requires multiple materials. It can be very frustrating if you are trying to do it yourself. The plumbers at Pride Plumbing of Rochester are trained plumbing professionals who can properly help you with this problem.

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