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A cat drinks from a kitchen faucet

Faucet Style Guide

This month we’ve been holding our annual ugly faucet contest. We’ve already seen some great submissions and the winner will be announced soon. Faucets are so important as both a functional and stylistic part of your kitchen and bathrooms. All of you who have submitted for our contest know how much an ugly faucet can stick out like a sore thumb. But why is that? We’ll breakdown the styles of faucets and what you can do to make a good design choice.


Before we can get into faucets, you have to consider the type of sink you have. In many ways, the faucet and sink function as 2 parts of one whole. You want to pick a faucet that seems natural to go with that style.

For example, many kitchens have highly functional double-basin or workstation sinks. You wouldn’t want to pair this with a more decorative faucet that really should only be used for washing hands. Drop-in sinks are most common, so you should probably pair these with a more common style. Whereas an angular vessel sink would need a bold faucet to match.


As we alluded to above, it’s important to consider the balance of functionality and aesthetics for your faucet. Kitchens, where you need to wash dishes as well as your hands, will likely need added functionality to keep up. Things like pull out faucets with multiple settings are great for this. For a workstation sink, a commercial faucet will fit in nicely and cover all your needs.

Part of that conversation will be the handles for your faucet. 2 handles will bring an antique look, while one handle may be cheaper in the long run with repair costs. Additionally, there’s always the possibility that a motion-detect faucet may be what’s best for your family.

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