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What Do These Plumbing Sounds Mean?

Plumbers are like doctors for your pipes. We use a lot of symptoms to diagnose the underlying problem. Noises, smells, and visuals from small cameras we put down pipes all help up pinpoint the issue so we can get your system fixed. We want to pass on some of that knowledge to you. In this blog, we’ll explain what we know about plumbing noises, so you have an idea of what is going on with your plumbing.


Banging noises are a sign of water pressure problems or issues with water flow. This is most commonly caused by issues with valves as well as trapped air within the pipe. We refer to the issues with valves as a water hammer. In this case, flow is stopped suddenly. It is common for dishwashers and washing machines to shut off water intake abruptly

These problems can be solved by a professional plumber. Depending on the severity of the problem, a water pressure regulator may need to be installed.


This is another issue related to water pressure. When the pressure is too high for your system, it can cause your pipes to vibrate as water goes through it. This is a common issue, but it can be a pretty simple fix. You can pinpoint the issue by turning off the water to different appliances until you can identify the source of the noise.


This can be a serious problem caused by air bubbles trapped within your pipes. This likely isn’t a big issue. The trapped air can be flushed out with a boost in water pressure. However, if this doesn’t solve the problem, it is a sign there is an air leak of some kind.

Overall, noises are a big help in diagnosing plumbing problems. You should keep an ear out for what your plumbing system is telling you. It could save you a big headache in the future!

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