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A hand pushes compostable scraps from a cutting board into a compost bucket

Leftovers You Can Compost Instead of Putting Down the Garbage Disposal

Many of us have been cooking a lot more over the recent months as we spend a lot more time at home. Due to this, the garbage disposal is more invaluable than ever. Still, as great as they are, there are definite limitations to your garbage disposal system. You need to limit which food items you put down the drain to protect your system for the long-term!

Luckily, composting is a popular alternative to keep control of food waste and can cover a lot of the weaknesses of your garbage disposal! Here are some food items that you should consider composting, but should never go down your garbage disposal.


Many fruits and veggies are terrible for your garbage disposal, but are perfect for composting. The reason is because all of that fibrous material that allows peels to protect the fruit inside can’t be broken down easily by the blades in your garbage disposal.

The same goes for veggies like onions and celery. All of that material gets tangled up in the blades which can cause motor burnout and clogs if they find a way through and down the drain.

Coffee Grounds

With many of us working from home or just spending time at home, we can’t rely on work coffee to get us through the day. Due to that, many of us are making coffee at home. What’s the best way to get rid of those coffee grounds?

Don’t put them down the garbage disposal because coffee grounds clump up in water. While you could throw them away, composting is more eco-friendly and allows you to make use of all those nutrients that are normally left behind when you make coffee.

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