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A modern white bathroom with toilet, floating vanity, and walk-in glass shower

4 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Seem Bigger

With how hectic life can be, especially nowadays, your private time in the bathroom can feel like your only time to be alone and think. If your bathroom feels cluttered and cramped, you won’t be able to do that effectively. We offer some design and cleaning tips to keep your bathroom feeling luxurious and spacious.

#1: Light on Light

Some of these tips rely on manipulating our perception of the space. Dark colors can make a space seem claustrophobic. White or light spaces can do the opposite. Now your space bounces light around, and it seems more open. Consider lighter colored tiling, cabinets, and backsplashes.

#2: Negative Space Can Be a Positive

It may seem counterintuitive to use negative space in a smaller bathroom. However, this will force you to be a bit more choosy with your storage. Multiple cabinets are going to take up space. If you’re just installing storage for its own sake, you’re not really helping anyone.

A floating countertop with your sinks can be a unique choice that really expands the space. If you have room elsewhere to store things, then you can focus on making your bathroom space open and inviting.

#3: Mirror Image

This is probably the most effective tip we want to share today. A mirror can visually double a space. Think about how many times you’ve been in a public space and noticed a large mirror and thought it was a window and that you were in a much bigger space. The same logic applies to your bathroom at home.

#4: De-Clutter

Clutter is the zen killer, especially in the bathroom. Keep only the essentials stored in the bathroom. If you can find a better spot for your hair straightener than right by the outlet near your sink, then that will open up a lot more space for you. Additionally, beyond just saving space, the lack of clutter will make the room stress-free.

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