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Winterize Your Home Plumbing

Winter is coming, which means you have to prepare your home. Winterizing your home can ensure that you are being energy efficiency, which of course translates into savings on your monthly bills. But, especially due to the harsh winters we have in Rochester, winterization is also necessary to protect your family and property. Pipes can easily become frozen and cracked if you don’t prepare properly. We offer some necessary tips to ensure you save money and prevent any frost-induced plumbing catastrophes.

#1: Insulation

The number one way your home retains heat is through insulation, especially in basements, attics and crawl spaces. With pipes and plumbing commonly running through these areas, insulation has the added helpful effect of keeping your pipes from freezing and cracking and causing a flooding problem.

You may also want to consider buying insulation sleeves for potentially problematic pipes to ensure they retain heat. The last thing to consider is whether to purchase heat tape. Make sure you follow all manufacturer’s instructions as these can sometimes be fire hazards.

#2: Drain Your Hose Bibs

These outdoor faucets can be easily forgotten about come wintertime. Drain them, cover them and shut them off to prevent freezing.

#3: Water Heater Covers

The water in your tank will lose heat over time. An insulating cover can slow this process down tremendously. These covers, sometimes called blankets, are made of a variety of materials from foil to fiberglass. This can be great for older water heaters that are slowing in performance, especially if your system is located in a non-climate-controlled area of your home. You’ll want to lower your water temperature to 125-130 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid overheating the blanket. Additionally, check to see if using an insulating blanket on your water heater voids your warranty.

#4: Plumbing Home Inspection

If you don’t know where to start or are unsure if your home is safe from the winter frost, we suggest an inspection. Throughout the month of November, Pride Plumbing of Rochester is offering a free home plumbing inspection specifically to help the community with winterization. We’ll help you save energy and offer our free suggestions of what you’ll need to do to get your plumbing through winter. We all live in a Rochester community and we’ve chosen to live in a place where the winter does get cold, so let’s ensure our properties get through winter without any damage.

If you’re interested in a free plumbing home inspection this November, give us a call at (585) 271-7150 or fill out an online contact form.