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A long table set for Thanksgiving dinner

6 Holiday Foods That Shouldn't Go Down Your Garbage Disposal

1: Wishbone

Breaking the wishbone is a treasured Thanksgiving game, but win or lose you’ll need to throw the scraps in the trash. Your garbage disposal blades will only leave small chunks of bone for other materials to latch onto and cause future clogs.

2: Oil

Whether you’re using it to fry your bird, or for some other Thanksgiving dish, remember to dispose of your oil properly. We recommend that you seal it in a jar or other container and throw it in the trash to avoid a big mess. If you pour it down your drain, it will solidify over time and cause a difficult to fix clog.

3: Stuffing

Almost every ingredient in stuffing is terrible for your garbage disposal. Fibrous vegetables like celery and carrots can get caught up and tangled in the disposal blades, while the starchy bread will expand in water and cause issues.

4: Potato Peels

One of the most common holiday dinner side dishes is mashed potatoes, which you’ll need to peel a lot of potatoes in order to make. Especially if you have a helper in the kitchen peeling the potatoes for you, let them know that potato peels can expand in water and cause clogs or get tangled in your garbage disposal blades. This problem is especially bad when the peels are thrown in the disposal in large quantities! Just throw them away instead.

5: Coffee Grounds

From pumpkin spice to mint chocolate mochas, we love our holiday coffee drinks. However, if you’re making some of these drinks at home and toss the grounds in the garbage disposal you’ll be making coffee cement in your drain. Be safe and be sure to throw the coffee grounds out or compost them!

6: Nuts

Whether you actually used your nutcracker for its intended purpose or making nut brittle for a holiday gift, you’ll want to keep nuts out of your garbage disposal. You probably know what happens when you blend nuts and add a bit of liquid. You end up with nut butter! Even if you are the biggest fan of peanut butter, you should throw the nuts in the garbage.

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