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How Faulty Toilets Can Cost You Money Each Month

Toilets are basic fixtures in every bathroom that generally only use up to two gallons of water per flush, but the plumbers at Pride Plumbing of Rochester want customers to understand the consequences of a simple leak both environmentally and economically. A toilet that is intermittently or constantly “running”, means that there is an internal leak which wastes a great deal of water and money.

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The typical charge for water in Rochester, NY is only around 3/10 of a cent per gallon ($3.26 for every 1,000 gallons from the municipal water supply), thanks to the nearby Finger Lakes. Although our water is at a relatively low-cost thanks to the nearby natural resources, a running toilet can really rack up your water costs. At an average rate of 6,000 wasted gallons monthly, that is around $20 down the drain on a monthly basis. This unused toilet water is not only a waste of money, it is also an irresponsible waste of water.

The licensed neighborhood plumbers at Pride Plumbing of Rochester specialize in plumbing repairs, but it’s usually easy to fix a faulty toilet yourself. Remove the lid of your toilet’s tank and watch the mechanisms after you flush. Here are five things to check before calling Pride Plumbing for help:

  1. The Flapper: The flapper, operated by a chain, lifts to let water out of the toilet when you flush. The most common cause for a higher water bill is that the flap remains open and lets water flow continuously. Make sure the chain isn’t stuck on something, causing the flapper to remain open.
  2. The Refill Valve: The refill valve is responsible for filling the tank with water after each flush. If your water level is low, the valve will run continuously. Reduced water in the tank requires the valve to be adjusted.
  3. The Float: The float keeps everything inside the tank in position. If it becomes misaligned, it can cause a leak, even with a new flapper installed.
  4. The Plastic Fill Valve: A pinched valve can throw the entire system out of whack.
  5. Clean The Parts: The ball valve and assembly might have accumulated limescale or another substance. Gently cleaning the mechanisms inside your tank could solve the problem. dog with head in toilet

If those steps fail to solve the problem, the plumbers at Pride Plumbing of Rochester can provide a solution. We can also handle clogged drains, fixture repair and replacements, water heater installation and repair, and kitchen plumbing problems. Call your neighborhood plumber, Pride Plumbing at (585) 271-7150 or click here to schedule an appointment online.