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The Dangers of Liquid Drain Cleaner

Drain cleaner provides a “quick” fix, but using this product can create a bigger problem in the long run.

Rather than using liquid drain cleaners, Pride Plumbing always recommends using a licensed plumber to perform drain cleaning services, whether it is for a shower drain, a clogged sink or unclogging a toilet.

Why Do Homeowners Use Liquid Drain Cleaner?

Liquid drain cleaner appears to be extremely convenient. You can pick it up while you are out shopping at your local hardware or grocery store and just pour it down the drain and like magic, your pipes are unclogged. What you may not see right away is the damaging impact that this product has to you, your pipes, and the environment.

Danger to Humans and Pets

Liquid drain cleaner contains very dangerous chemicals that can be deadly to humans and pets if swallowed. The fumes are dangerous to inhale and drain cleaner makes contact with your skin, it can cause rashes and even burns.

Negative Impacts on Plumbing

Drain cleaner not only eats away at what is stuck in your drain, but it also eats away at your pipes! Pipes can weaken and eventually break open over time, which would create water damage to your home and be an extremely expensive plumbing emergency.

Damage to the Environment

It may seem like once something is flushed down the drain, that is it out of sight, out of mind. However, everything that goes down the drain will end up at a water treatment facility and eventually into our waterways. These waterways in Rochester, NY include the Erie Canal, Lake Ontario, and the Genesee River.

How Can Pride Plumbing Help?

Pride Plumbing’s licensed plumbers know how to unclog drains without using hazardous chemicals. Our technicians have a fully stocked truck, including RIDGID drain cleaning tools, capable of clearing drains of all sizes – from shower drains and kitchen sinks to main sewer lines. After we clear your drain, we recommend periodically using Bio-Ross, which is a safe alternative to chemical based drain cleaners, to prevent future drain clogs. Sewers and Drains

To schedule a drain cleaning appointment, call your licensed neighborhood plumber, Pride Plumbing of Rochester at (585) 271-7150 or click here to schedule an appointment online.