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Frozen pipes

Prevent Winter Pipe Damage

With the frigid cold temperatures we experience in Rochester, NY, it is important to take precaution to avoid frozen pipes. When pipes freeze, they can burst and can cause a great deal of damage.

Protect your home this winter by simply disconnecting and draining your outdoor hose. Even though the hose is not in use during the winter, there is still water in the hose from when it was in use during the summer months. This water can freeze and cause damage to the spigot and cause pipes to crack and burst.

Garden Hose Turn off the shut-off valve inside of your home (if you have one) in these easy steps:

  1. Locate the shutoff valve for the outdoor faucet – it is usually located near the main water shutoff valve or the ceiling of the basement
  2. Turn off this shutoff valve
  3. Go outside and open the faucet to drain any remaining water out of the pipes (do not close the faucet)
  4. Go inside and remove the bleeder cap from the shutoff valve to drain any remaining water from the pipe. Place a bucket under the bleeder to catch the water
  5. Replace the bleeder cap
  6. Go back outside and close the outside faucet

Frozen Branches If you do not have indoor shutoff valves for your outdoor faucets, Pride Plumbing of Rochester can provide the following service to help prevent winter pipe damage:

  • Install shutoff valves
  • Install a frost-free faucet
  • Insulate your pipes

Extreme damage can occur to your home as a result of pipes freezing and rupturing. Call your neighborhood plumber, Pride Plumbing of Rochester, today at (585) 271-7150 for a home inspection to help prevent a future plumbing disaster.