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How To Choose The Right Plumber

With dozens of different options to choose from throughout the city, finding a plumber in Rochester NY is a fairly simple task. Finding the right man for the job, however, can be a totally different story.
With different levels of experience, varying pricing methods and unpredictable proximities to your home, some may feel a compromise in service needs to be made to find a good match. While this may or may not be the case, it is important to ask the appropriate questions to ensure the person you hire is going to do a satisfactory job.

Why Does It Matter Who Is Doing The Job? Aren’t All Plumbers Trained The Same Way?

In New York State, a municipality-issued plumbing license is required before any journeyman or master plumber can begin operating legally. Before that, it’s a given that they will have worked 2-5 years under a master plumber as an apprentice. While this is a benefit to the average consumer, a number of things need to be kept in mind.
A plumber is working to fix an investment you made. Therefore, making sure they are approaching the job with all the care your project deserves is vital. After all, a botched job can often lead to even greater expenses on your behalf down the road. To figure out how they typically operate, ask for references. Positive reviews are never a bad thing, and enough of them could be enough to give them work without question.
Of course, asking for references and proof of licensing is not all there is to it, especially when your average Rochestarian has so many options. For finding the best possible man for the job, you’re going to need to do some research on your own.

So How Do I Know Who’s Worth Hiring?

Making sure they’re qualified to do the job is easy. Making sure their business is run legitimately is another story entirely.
You want to be sure that the person you’re hiring has been in the business for quite some time. When calling them, be sure to ask about how many years’ experience they have/how long their business has been in operation. A reputable business typically stays around for quite some time, and can be a good indicator of a satisfied client base. If you have worked with any other home repair specialists, ask them about the person you’re looking to hire. Odds are they’ve made some connections over the years and may be able to speak for your plumber’s ability.
Like shopping for insurance, cars, or just about anything else, always compare quotes. Keep in mind that in plumbing, while the lowest price often looks attractive, it may not mean the best parts were used or extreme care was taken. If a plumber with similar services asks for a higher price, find out why. Quality should always trump cost, and if you’re getting exactly what you paid for, paying a bit extra may prove to be the best decision.

How Do I Figure Out The Best Price?

Big jobs are the only thing you should be getting a quote over the phone for. For smaller jobs, an accurate quote can only be given if the plumber is in front of the job. Once they’ve assessed the cost of the job, hold them to it, making sure they only do what they initially said they were going to do and for the specified cost. And finally, check out their guarantee. This could be an indicator to the confidence your plumber puts in their work.