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What to Do with Toilet Running Issues

Plumbing emergencies like a toilet running constantly or overflowing can really make a mess of your bathroom. Fixing a running toilet isn’t always easy for homeowners to accomplish on their own. While some people don’t mind trying to solve toilet issues themselves, others will defer to the recommendations of professional plumbers.

Before making the decision to do-it-yourself or call a plumber, take a look at the toilet yourself to figure out just what’s causing the problem. Minor repair is easy to do and will prevent the need for a complete toilet replacement in most situations.

Causes of Toilet Running Problems

Often, problems with the flapper will result in toilet tanks that do not fill with water completely. Common causes for flapper failure are due to:

  • Improper catching of chain
  • Flapper wedge not opening completely
  • Incorrect flapper alignment
  • Stuck flapper
  • Water filling intermittently

When the tank is not filling with water properly, a slow leak may also be the cause. You can easily perform your own test to confirm whether there is a leak by placing food dye in the tank. After waiting an hour without flushing the toilet, check the bowl. If dye is present in the bowl, there is definitely a leak in the toilet system.

Do-it-Yourself Flapper Fixes

For stuck flappers, try your hand at adjusting the flapper to keep the toilet from running constantly. Some homeowners will simply jiggle the toilet handle to stop the running toilet. If the water ceases to run after jiggling the handle, it is highly likely that you need to replace the tank chain and flapper mechanism. For toilets that only fill intermittently, you may need to clean any mineral buildup to determine if cleaning the tank will correct the problem.

Maintenance Keeps Toilets Running Correctly

Smooth operation of your toilet requires periodic maintenance to ensure that everything is operating properly. If you’ve tried to adjust the flapper or replace the chain and/or flapper, and the toilet is still running, then you will want to call a plumber as soon as possible.

Excess water from a toilet running issue in your home can quickly drive up water bills and eventually lead to even greater damage in the internal working of your toilet system. Give Pride Plumbing of Rochester a call for help with your running toilet or any other plumbing issue today at (585) 271-7150.