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Are You Having Sewer Backups?

There’s nothing worse than sewage backing up into your home. Not only is it a rather smelly situation, but it also creates unhealthy conditions. Fortunately, arming yourself with a little plumbing knowledge can help you understand what conditions pose the most risk so that you can take preventative measures to keep back-ups from occurring. In the event that your efforts still result in a backup, you’ll most likely need the assistance of professional sewer and drain cleaning services.

Causes of Sewer Backup

1) Storms – often create ripe conditions for sewers to back up into your basement. When waters seep into the building structure, flooding may occur especially if floor drains are not working properly. Other plumbing fixtures in the basement may also cause overflow – fixtures such as shower drains, toilets or sinks create the potential for clogs and flooding. The purpose of installing drains in the floor is actually a preventative measure. It allows any excess water from broken pipes or storm water to flow outside of the building.

2) Tree Roots – when plants and trees grow close to a home’s foundation, the roots sometimes grow inside the lateral and block piping. When this happens, the sewer may back-up and cause flooding.

3) Main Sewer Line – although it rarely occurs, there are times when the main sewer line breaks, becomes obstructed or overwhelmed by rainstorm water. This issue may result in multiple back-ups in an area such as a city street, block or neighborhood.

What to Do When Backups Happen

Property owners are responsible for handling any sewer backups that are a result of any internal plumbing or property pipe issues. If you notice water seeping through the walls or flooding your basement floor, call a plumber immediately. Quick response is essential so that the problem is handled and any long term property damage avoided.

Professional plumbers will diagnose and repair whatever is causing the backup. If the plumbing company finds that the issue is with the main sewer line, they will call or recommend that you contact the County since it handles the public sewer system.

Prevent Sewer Back-ups

The following preventative measures will help you reduce the risk of basement flooding caused by sewer back-ups:

  • Inspect private drain system annually.
  • Schedule regular cleaning of property drain system.
  • Prevent clogs by disposing of leaves, grass clippings or oil properly, not in street sewers.
  • Remove any trash, leaves or paper from street catch basins to prevent flooding.
  • Disconnect sump pumps or down spouts from sanitation sewers.
  • Install basement flood prevention devices such as valves, standpipes or floor drain plugs.

At Pride Plumbing of Rochester, we offer professional sewer and drain cleaning services to help prevent or repair sewer backups. If your property needs back-flow prevention, enzyme cleaning, root killer, lot line cleanouts or other repair, give us a call at (585) 271-7150. We offer same day plumbing service in the Rochester NY area.