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Four Do-It-Yourself Tips for Toilet Flushing Problems

Are you currently experiencing a toilet flushing problem? There are different factors that could be responsible for weak or poor flushing. Toilets become inoperable from tree roots, foreign objects, full septic tanks or calcium build up in the toilet opening. Before you call us, here are a few tips you may find useful to deal with a toilet that will not flush properly.

Toilet Flushing Tip #1: Bring Out the Plunger

Typically, toilet flushing problems do not just develop overnight. They are the result of a gradual process. When water levels in the toilet rise after flushing but drain very slowly or not at all, it usually means there is something blocking the drain flow. Try plunging the toilet to see if you can dislodge the clog. If the plunger is unable to remove the blockage, put on a glove and put your hand into the toilet bowl bottom. If you feel grit in the opening, it is likely that you have calcium build-up. Get a bottle of CLR or Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover and pour into the toilet and allow to sit overnight. In the morning, flush and check whether the toilet is operating correctly. If not, move to tip #2.

Toilet Tip #2: Buy a Snake

If the above procedure fails to produce the desired result, you may want to head to your local hardware store for a five-foot snake or auger. These plumbing tools are fairly inexpensive and easy to operate. Use the auger to remove obstructions in the toilet’s main line. If the plumbing snake does not clear the line, then you’ll need to try a cleaner for the main line.

Toilet Tip #3: Try a Main Line Cleaner

When you are unable to resolve slow draining or clogged toilets, you will probably need to move on to a main line cleaner to remove obstructions that are further in the pipes than a household plumber’s snake will reach. If you suspect tree roots are the problem, you may first need to use a root killer.

Toilet Tip #4: Call a Plumber

If all the previous suggestions fail to help your toilet flush properly, then your only recourse is to contact the professionals. It’s great to handle do-it-yourself projects around the house and yard, but larger plumbing issues usually require an expert.

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