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How to Keep Toilets Leak Free

The toilet is the one fixture in your home that is used the most frequently. But when it starts to leak, the mess and attention involved with jiggling handles and running water can really be a headache. Certain signs indicate when it might be time to call a plumber so use the following tips to keep your toilet plumbing issues at bay.
Running Toilets Need Action
When a toilet runs constantly, it more than likely needs attention. Not only does the sound bother everyone in earshot, but the tank is potentially wasting up to 200 gallons of water per day. Take time to examine your toilet and make sure all the parts are functioning correctly. If the rubber flapper valve in the inside of the tank is faulty, it can cause water to run. Over time, toilet flappers decay or experience mineral buildup. Homeowners are usually able to handle replacing this part on their own. A new valve typically runs under $10, and installing it ensures that the flush value has a watertight seal. If the flapper is okay, then you may need to look at the refill tube or ballcock.

Checking for Leaks

For do-it-yourself homeowners, detecting leaks can be challenging. However, if the home water bill continues to increase or the bill indicates an increase in water usage, there may definitely be a leak. Calling a plumbing professional is usually the best solution when you cannot find or fix the leak yourself.

Repeat Clogging or Slow Drains

If your toilet clogs or slowly drains, it might also be time to call in a plumber. Age often contributes to toilet bowel failure. Older models may have cracked pipes or porcelain. In some situations, a toilet just needs replacing. After years of use, wear and tear can create leak issues.

Benefits of a New Toilet

Besides the fact that you will no longer need to be embarrassed when guests visit and use your bathroom, newer models offer water-saving technology that really helps with water bills. They require less water and seldom need repairs. Replacement cost is not usually that expensive so it may be an option to consider if leaks or clogs cannot be controlled in any other way. You’ll also save time and frustration spent on plunging or sopping up water overflows.
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