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Kitchen Faucet

How to Choose Kitchen Faucets

Choosing kitchen faucets for your new home is as personal as the décor you select to display your unique sense of style. Long gone are the days where contractors and plumbers just install any old faucet. With such a variety of new technology and modern design in today’s kitchens, homeowners want to take their time to find just the right form and function for their kitchen sink faucet.

Kitchen Faucet Options

Plumbing professionals offer a broad selection of kitchen faucets for your home. While you can run down to the hardware store and find plenty of faucet styles, plumbers offer wholesale pricing and guarantees on kitchen fixtures that you simply won’t find in local big box stores.

Although you want your kitchen faucet to blend with your home’s design, it is vital to consider the function as well as the style. The type of faucet you choose should not only look good, but it needs to also fit your utilitarian purpose as well as sink type.

Faucet options you need to consider are:

  • Handle choice
  • Sink mount
  • Sprayers
  • Filter
  • Style & finish

Questions to Ask Yourself When Evaluating Kitchen Faucets

A primary concern for many homeowners choosing their kitchen fixtures is the style and finish. Not only do you want to match existing styles, but you also want a look that blends with your kitchen décor. You will need to select from polished or brushed finishes in chrome, nickel, stainless steel, brass or matte.

Next, you’ll want to ask yourself what particular features are needed for your faucets. Questions you should consider are:

1)      What type of faucet handles do you want?
Traditional kitchen faucet handles are either single handle or two handles. Faucets with one handle allow users to rotate to the desired water temperature using only one hand. Double handle faucets offer more precise control so you can mix your choice of hot and cold water to reach just the right temperature.

2)      How many holes will your sink allow?
When replacing a faucet, the number of holes in the sink deck is very important. You can only install a new faucet that matches the number of holes already available. Typically, a one-piece kitchen faucet with handle and spout have a hole for the handle and one for the sprayer. Double-handled faucets need three holes in the deck for hot and cold water handles as well as the spout and sprayer.

3)      How will you use the sink?
If you are an avid chef and use many pots and pans in your cooking, then you’ll need a large sink with tall, curving faucet neck. This type of design allows for ease of putting pots in and rinsing them.

4)      Are there any extra features you need for your faucet?
Some homeowners want a filter right on their sink mount. Many faucet styles now have built-in filters right on the spout. Vegetable and sink sprayers may also be important to you. Sprayers now come right on the faucet handle itself rather than as a separate fixture.

Kitchen faucets offer function that you may customize for your particular need and style. Contact Pride Plumbing today to learn more about our available kitchen fixtures for your new installation.