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Walk-in bathtub

Elder Care Products

As seniors age, it is important to maintain as much independence as possible. Pride Plumbing of Rochester can help by installing special accessibility products throughout the bathroom and home such as specialty tubs and showers, grab bars, handles, faucets, and toilets.

Tubs & Showers

A variety of accessories are available to make the bathroom safer for elders. New shower designs make it safe for elderly use.

Something as simple as a shower seat or folding chair helps seniors take showers without assistance. Some homeowners choose to install walk-in tubs to allow for easy entry. These tubs offer a door so that elderly people don’t have to climb over a tub edge.

They also offer built-in seating to protect against falls. Curbless showers involve removing the old tub portion of a combo tub/shower and replacing it with a shower pan to aid in rolling in a wheelchair for showering.

Anti-scald valves will prevent scald injuries while showering. This is a particular risk to young children, the elderly, and people with disabilities due to tender skin and slower reaction time.

Grab Bars and Handles

Other vital fixtures to add to bathrooms and kitchens are grab bars. These handles allow for a steady hold when seniors are getting in and out of slippery tubs or showers. They help people avoid falls and come in many decorative styles to suit any décor.


Stiff joints and arthritis can make turning handles quite difficult for elderly patients. Many new elder care faucets come with sensors so that homeowners no longer need to crank handles themselves. These faucets offer hands-free operation so seniors don’t need to worry about grasping or twisting conventional faucet handles.


When people get older, it can also become difficult to bend at the knees. That can make sitting down on a toilet seat quite challenging! Elevated toilet seats may be all that’s needed to make getting up and down much easier. New taller toilet installations offer higher seats to ease bending and also come with low-flow to save on water consumption.

For a safer bathroom for your loved one, call your neighborhood plumber, Pride Plumbing of Rochester at (585) 271-7150 or click here to schedule an appointment online.