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What to Know about Your Home's Gas Lines

Working with gas lines takes expertise that many people do not have as part of their homeowner do-it-yourself repertoire. And that’s really with good reason. Gas line installation and repairs are tasks better left to experts. Leaks to gas line systems create dangerous conditions with the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning or even explosions. The buildup of natural gas in the home makes some people very ill so if you smell gas, it is urgent that you leave your home and call professionals for testing.

Danger of Gas Line Leaks

In confined areas such as a home, natural gas build-up may create volatile conditions. The gas used for cooking or heating does not naturally have any odor or color. Gas supply companies add a chemical called Methanethiol or Mercaptan to the natural gas so that homeowners will smell it when there is a leak. Because explosions and illness may result from leaking gas, it is vital that you leave any building where you suspect an issue. You should never try to find leaks yourself. Instead, turn off electrical appliances and devices. Refrain from using open flames or smoking.

Testing of Gas Lines

In the Rochester area, if you suspect a potential gas leak, you should immediately leave the home and call 9-1-1. Then you may call Rochester Gas & Electric, New York State Electric and Gas, or the local fire department. They all offer free testing to identify and find the source of gas leaks. Once any leaking is detected, you will need to call certified gas line plumbers to repair the leaks.

Repairing or installing lines

Professional Rochester plumbers will assist homeowners with repairing any detected leaks. In some cases, a leak may only require new fittings or valves. Some repair projects might instead require conversion to completely new gas lines. During an inspection, the plumber will inspect the actual piping along with fittings, hangers and any support systems. Pipes must always be secured in place without any room for vibration or movement. Another area where leaks may happen is around gas appliances. Many homes use gas ovens, clothing dryers or water heaters. Plumbing contractors in Rochester will take a look at these appliances and the piping that runs to them to also determine if there are any leaks from the appliance connections.

If you need assistance with leak repair or installation of gas appliances, give Pride Plumbing of Rochester a call at (585) 271-7150 for quality service with the latest in plumbing technology expertise.