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5 Ways to Conserve Water

Out of all the utility bills you pay every month, water usage can really sneak up on you and make for an unpleasant surprise once your invoice rolls in. Outwardly cheap, superficially abundant, and very much a necessary part of daily life, some of us tend to use a little more water than we really need. This equals money we not only didn’t want to spend, but money we never needed to spend.

There are a number of ways to cut down on your water use, which any plumber in Rochester NY will tell you are a worthwhile investment of your time. Of all the ways to cut down on your use, we found five that can effectively reduce your utilities bill and ultimately give you some extra cash to spend on things you’ll actually enjoy.

Save Water At The Tap

Think about how often you actually wet your toothbrush every morning versus how long you leave the sink running. How about how difficult it is to lather up in the shower with the water running?

Whenever using water is unnecessary for what you’re doing, turn off the faucet. Sure, even though the shower is washing off all your body wash before you can lather up, the warmth feels awesome. We’ll agree with you, yes, the ambient sound when you’re brushing your teeth makes for some great background noise. However, that tune will soon change when you realize a running faucet wastes around two gallons of water per minute.

Check Your Plumbing For Leaks

If you’re looking to go broke, a leaky faucet or pipe is a great way to waste your money. According to WaterSense, your average household wastes around 10,000 gallons of water annually. Even a small problem, like a leaky sink, can waste 3,000 gallons a year.

Upgrade Your Plumbing

In an effort to reduce water waste, the EPA set specific standards for high efficiency faucets and shower heads to ensure as little water is wasted as possible. However, if your home is fitted with older fittings made before this legislation, you could be wasting a lot of money unnecessarily.

Fortunately, these upgrades are usually fairly inexpensive and even the cheapest models are required to meet the standards for use set by the EPA.

Convert Your Toilet To ‘Low-Flush’

By displacing some of the water in your toilet tank with a weighted water bottle, you can reduce the amount of water your toilet uses per flush. While you do sacrifice some flushing power, this can ultimately save you up to a liter of water per flush (or whatever size bottle you decide to use).

Use Your Plumbing Less

Many times during the day, we use some functions of our devices not out of necessity, but out of habit. We do laundry every few days, keep the water running while brushing our teeth, and spend a good portion of our day unwinding in the shower.

By finding little changes in your habits to make, you can ultimately save a lot of water every year. Your sacrifice today could be a huge money saver in the long run! Call us at (585) 271-7150 to have us check for leaks and/or upgrade your plumbing to help you conserve water and save money!