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Why Replace Your Water Heater, When You May Be Able To Repair Instead?

For example, you are a homeowner in Victor NY. Hot water creates amazing ease and comfort in your home. It is pleasant and gratifying to bathe, to shower, to wash dishes and to do laundry in warm water. Therefore, any problems with the water heater should be diagnosed and corrected as soon as possible. In fact, many conventional water heaters are typically simple to inspect for problems. For instance, the problems in a conventional heater may include sticking valves, broken thermostats, failure of burners or heating elements, tripping of circuit breakers for the electric heaters, and flicking out of pilot light on the gas water heaters. When these problems are recognized, a decision should be made as soon as possible, as to whether to repair or replace the water heater.

The decision to replace a water heater is usually huge and apparently too costly. Therefore, many people often opt for repair, which is apparently less expensive. Nonetheless, replacing a faulty water heater can be cost-effective in the long run. So, why replace your water heater, when you may be able to repair instead? Replacement should be the best option when a water heater has served you for several years. For example, if a water heater has served you for ten years, water minerals will have reacted with the steel elements and corroded the tank. As a result the heater will become less energy-efficient and faulty. When such a water heater leaks, it is more prudent to replace it than to repair it.

Replacing an old water heater will inject more energy efficiency into your home and allow you to save lots of money on energy bills. Nowadays, manufacturers inject foam insulation between water heater tanks and their outer shells, resulting in enhanced heat retention. Therefore, new water heater models with new glass liners reduce the corrosion of tanks and enhance their durability. Indeed, paying an average of $500-1500 to buy and install a new water storage unit comes with high energy efficiency and up to 20 percent savings on the costs of energy.

You need to replace a water heater unit that is unreliable. There is no need repairing a unit that is not dependable if you are sure that the repair will not improve it. Indeed, replacing such a unit will bring amazing reliability immediately, and allow you to avoid the inconvenience and discomfort associated with the failures of the old water heater. Similarly, if the cost of repairing a water heater is at least 50 percent of buying a new one, then there is no need to conduct the repair. Instead, you will only pay at least half the cost of a new water heater and procure a more efficient model for your domestic needs.

Water heaters should be replaced when replacement parts are either too hard to find or too expensive to purchase. Remember, the harder it is to find parts for the water heater, the longer it will always take you to restore normal supply of hot water in your home. Equally, if a water heater has been repaired more than three times, it is time to replace it. Multiple repairs are indications of diminishing efficiency and heater unreliability, and the sooner you replace such a heater the better. Are you living in Victor NY and is considering a repair or replacement of your water heater? Consult the experts for prudent advice.