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Why Homes Need Backup Pumps

If you’re concerned about potential flooding in your basement this spring, then you definitely want to consider backup pumps for your home. A sump pump keeps snow melt or rain from seeping around your foundation and into your home. The backup pump primarily functions as a support to the main sump pump so that if it fails, the back-up system can prevent overflow and floods.

What are Sump Pumps?

Sump pumps are installed to detect water level increases in your home and then remove it to prevent flooding or damage. Most pumps are installed in the basement since this is where water often accumulates. A sump pump system usually runs off electrical power, but in the event of a power outage or pump failure, many devices have battery back-up systems to keep the pump running. But what happens when the batteries fail to provide the necessary power or the pump itself breaks? In those situations, a backup pump is a necessity.

Types of Backup Pumps

The main pump usually runs on an electrical plug or rechargeable batteries. The backup pump will also utilize the same energy source as the main system. The benefits of a backup pump far outweigh the additional cost since it acts as insurance in the event of damage or power failure. Pump pricing varies depending on the model, and most homeowners will find suitable pumps to fit their budget. The main issue is that the pump be able to handle any potential flooding for the amount of space in your home’s basement.

Importance of Owning Sump Pumps with Backup

Suppose you go on vacation for two weeks. While away, bad thunderstorms and flooding occur in your neighborhood. If you 
own a sump pump with backup battery and pump, then you will not experience the stress associated with knowing you are away with nothing to prevent water from entering and damaging your home. Sump and backup pumps offer peace of mind so that when you leave home for a few hours or a few weeks, you know that water damage will rarely be an issue even after the worst of storms.

So what do you do when you want the protection of these vital pumps? Simply call Pride Plumbing of Rochester at (585) 271-7150 so we can assist you with a new installation or repair of existing sump or backup pumps.