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Three Sources of Plumbing Repair Parts

Are you in need of repair parts for your plumbing project? Owners of older homes often experience challenges when it comes to replacing hard-to-find parts. Some plumbing fixtures can be difficult to find, particularly vintage and specialty parts not commonly found in major hardware store chains.

If you own a newer home, you may want to keep the same brand as your previous fixtures. So if your suburban beauty features Moen faucets for all sinks, then you probably want to stick with the same exact styles and models when they need replacement. Homes more than 30 years old frequently have parts that sometimes take a little more time to locate.

Fortunately, there are a few options when it comes to locating just the right repair parts for your home or office building. When sink or tub faucets, shower heads, toilets or traps need repair, pay a visit to your local hardware store or thrift store. When all else fails, a licensed plumbing company can usually offer you options.

Local Hardware Stores

The big box hardware stores have an assortment of plumbing supplies for do-it-yourself homeowners. Their faucets, sinks, toilets and water heaters are produced by major plumbing manufacturers and feature the latest plumbing technology in a wide range of prices. Where property owners may experience difficulties is in trying to replace plumbing parts for an older home. Sizes and styles of vintage fixtures differ greatly from modern parts.

Thrift Shops

Although probably not a large source of plumbing supplies, some thrift shops will have plumbing parts from personal or estate donations. These fixtures may be just the right fit for your 50-year to 100-year-old home remodel. Shopping in thrift and consignment shops is not a quick fix to supplying your plumbing part needs, but if you have time and patience, you sometimes can pick up parts that just aren’t often seen in today’s modern construction.

Plumbing Companies

Licensed plumbers often keep a supply of plumbing fixtures in their warehouses, and if they don’t have it, they often will special order for their customers. Whether you need parts from well-known manufacturers or specialty parts not found on store shelves, plumbing companies can be an excellent resource.

Here at Pride Plumbing, we offer a warehouse full of thousands of repair parts to meet all your needs – whether modern, vintage or in between. Give us a call to speak with one of our friendly technicians about the right fixture for your needs.