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Modern tankless water heaters

Benefits of Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Hot water heaters are responsible for a large percentage of home energy use. In fact, the water heater is usually the second biggest user of electricity in most households. Traditional water heaters continually run to keep water hot even when no one needs to use them.

With electricity rates in the Northeast some of the highest in the nation, most New York households are looking to find additional ways to save money on the home electric bill. That old hot water heater in the basement may be costing you hundreds of dollars to run each year.

Tankless Hot Water Heaters Offer Heated Water on Demand

Fortunately, tankless water heaters will change that for your household. Rather than keeping water hot every day, all day, the heater only heats the water when it is needed. This on-demand design helps the environment by reducing the amount of electricity you use in your home all while lowering your home electric bills at the same time.

How Do Tankless Hot Water Heaters Work?

When the hot water tap is turned on, water enters the heater. The built-in sensor detects water flow and triggers the burner to automatically ignite. Water begins to circulate through the tank’s heat exchange, which then brings the water up to the desired temperature. Once the tap is turned off, the heater shuts off.

Advantages of Using Tankless Heaters

You will experience many benefits of using tankless designs over traditional water heaters including:

  • More Available Hot Water – tankless models heat water on demand so family members will not have to take turns waiting for the water to heat up in order to take a shower, as they may have to with traditional water heaters. That also means that homes may run more appliances at the same time without losing hot water. Think dishwasher and clothes washer running at the same time as a family member takes a shower.
  • Low Operating Cost – tankless heaters have the lowest operational cost and save an average of $160 per year when compared to conventional tank gas heaters.
  • Save Space – besides saving you money, these units may be placed just about anywhere in the home. They hang on the wall so you won’t lose closet or floor space usually reserved for conventional water heaters.

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