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Three Reasons to Include Bathtubs in Your Bathroom Remodel

When it’s time to update the bathroom, bathtubs are often the central focus of remodeling projects. The decision to replace an existing tub or remove it completely is a prime consideration for many couples.

Today’s busy homeowner often finds it difficult to set aside the time for a nice relaxing soak in the tub, opting instead for a shower during the workweek. People who prefer showers may simply choose to forgo installing a new tub. Instead, they replace it with a walk-in shower.

While this is perfectly acceptable for homeowners that will be in their house long-term, it might not be the best decision for those who will move within 5 years. The following three reasons just may help you when trying to decide whether to keep bathtubs in your next remodel.

Home Resale Value

Personal preference should probably not be the sole factor in deciding whether to include a bathtub in home remodeling plans. For resale value, homes need a bathtub in at least one of the bathrooms. Many new home buyers want to know that a tub is available even if it will only be used for guests. The convenience of a working bathtub means that some family members or visitors can shower while others take their time in the tub. When shopping for homes, having a bathtub as an option is always the best bet.

Families with Kids

Bathtubs are also important to families with small children. Removing the tub is not usually an option for kids because their main method of getting clean is through bathing in a tub, with lots of bubbles and toys of course!

Easy Relaxation

Another reason to keep bathtubs in the home is for the pure relaxation factor. As daily stress builds, there’s nothing like filling a tub with hot water and immersing in its calming bubbles. With all the at-home spa treatments and aromatherapy bath products available, indulging in their fragrance and skin-softening benefits just isn’t the same in the shower. Visiting the spa isn’t always possible on a regular basis. With a bathtub in the master or guest bathroom, access to stress-relieving baths is quick and easy.
Deciding to remodel a bathroom is a big project that requires careful thought and consideration. Because it alters a home’s décor and function, getting it right the first time is vital. If you’re considering whether bathtubs should be included in your remodel or just need help deciding on the best fixtures for your bathroom, give us a call for expert advice and professional service every time.